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      I used two SVHS (pro version) camcorders going thru a switcher and out to a freestanding DVD recorder, switching back and forth for different views. Now, I want to edit the bloated footage using Premere. Since I have to capture it back into the computer, is my quality going to drop if I use the SVHS cable to get it from the DVD to the computer? My DVD recorder has a hotwire connection, but I cannot find the manual to see if it is the same as outputing from a MiniCamcorder thru the hotwire. That would maintain the highest quality and I’m thinking the S-cable would loose something. Any suggestions?

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      Thank you Hank. That wasn’t the answer I was hoping to hear but I suspected as much. I’m always open for ideas.

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      Covering a couple other possibilities:

      You are using pro cams. If you have a prosumer level standalone DVD player/recorder/deck ($400 and up) it should have a generous hard drive with some useful edit options. If so, find that manual and try to do some bloat editing on your deck. (Manual may be available on line?)

      Do your SVHS cams have firewire ports? If so, go cam to cam to get rid of bloat in your originals before you do the mix through switcher. If you have to do this via S-cable, there goes a generation but it might still be O.K.

      Connect a miniDV cam to your switcher via S-cable and mix to miniDV tape. Connect miniDV cam with mixed miniDV tape to your computer/NLE via firewire. Bypasses the DVD construction/deconstruction/reconstruction problem.

      Best of luck!

      REGARDS TOM 8)

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