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      I know that there has been some discussion about people trying to get good equipment with little investment. So I thought I would throw this topic out there.

      When I was looking to buy a camera last year I started doing research on what camera would meet my needs for the least amount of money. My budget was between 1500 and 1800 dollars.

      I then started watching auctions on Ebay and I could not understand why used cameras were selling for prices near what I could buy them new. I don’t understand why people would not spend the 150 to 200 more and get brand new with warranty from a reputable dealer.

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      This is something I notcied as well a few months ago when I was looking at the Gy-HD110u, The prices were reasonable because a lot of them were being sold by people who knew how to use them, and sometimes came with some decent accessories, but in the end, for my price range I ended up going with B&H because of their reputation and their prices being the best I found.

      I have also become disinterested in eBay since most of the listing tell you more about the seller than the actual item being sold.

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      I also ended up at B&H for my Sony HVR-HD1000u. They have always been the standard that I compare prices against.

      I think that there are some items that are a good value on ebay but like anything else,you have to do your research.

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