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      I am in the market for a powerful video editor (I got the hardware for it) And I know people say Vegas is easier to learn but from what I’ve heard Premiere Pro is a powerhouse. If you have a good method (dvd training series, book) would premiere pro be easy to learn?


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      Hi, I’m currently learning AVID EXPRESS PRO, using the training DVDs, I have use the Preiemre trainig DVDs before and I think that it makes the software easy to understand.

      I don’t like books becasue I’m very visual and the DVDs gives you a better understanding of the software snce you see the guy doing the Stuff.

      I have used preimere pro 1.5 to edit some o f my stuff and I liked it but now I have decided to use Avid (this is a amazing program), I will be taking classes at the Ny Film Academy in June and they only use FCP ro Avid.



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      Which do you recommend Avid or Premiere Pro?

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      As I said before, I have Premiere pro 1.5 but I have decided to use AVID because I want to start producing some TV commercials and other stuff and every profesisonal that I call said that if I want to go profesisonal I should go AVID.

      In June 2005 I will be taking the Digital Film Making course at the NY film academy and they only use FCP and AVID, for me that is a sign…hehe

      I’m, learning with the DVDs now and the program seems wasome, I have done just basic stuff and I’m learnign the interface (it is very different from Premiere the way the program works) I like to watch the videos a few times before I get to the practice so I can get used to the sections and buttons.

      I’m very impressed with this program.

      This is just my personal opnion, but I preffer AVID Express pro.

      ( I have a few training DVDs and I havae already copied to my computer so if you decide to do AVID later and will be interested in buying training DVDs to learn the software, contact me and may be we can do something.)


      my email is alexpiovezan@yahoo.com


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