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      Ok so basically I am not anywhere even near beginner when it comes to theseemingly thousands of video formats. I bought a Sony HDR-CX110 because it shoots 1080p. I am a musician and I just want to upload the video in 1080p. I have figured out how to upload the video directly and get 1080p. But what I want to do is be able to “edit” the video.

      All I want to do is add a music track to it, because I am recording the sound separately, then sync them up and mute the sound from the camcorder.

      I don’t have the slightest idea when it comes to the majority of these things. I just want to do a simple video! And not have to buy a 600$ copy of some professional editing software.

      If anyone can find me a solution to my problem, thanks so much!


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      When I got my first Sony and shot HD with it, I could edit it with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate without much hassle. Check out their system requirements and verfiy it edits 1080p (I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, but a quick telephone call to the sale dept would be better than relying on my guess). Assuming you have themachine to run it, the software will cost you under $150.00 I think.

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      Not even Sony Vegas will do a final output in 1080p for Blu-Ray (yet), but in reality, you really can not tell the difference between 1080i and 1080p if you play my Panasonic footage straight from my camera or after it has been edited in Vegas.

      I also have Pinnacle Studio, and just looked at files from a disc I made last year and they are still just 1080 30i

      Now you MAY be able to create a basic MP4 file that has the 60p, but then you are pretty much stuck watching it on a computer – and the overall quality would not be the same as a nice AVCHD file.

      The only way I know of to edit and burn true 1080 60p to a blu-ray is through the proprietary software that comes with my camera (I have never used it), but you are very limited with what you can do with the program.

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      Thanks everyone! I will try the Pinnacle Studio since it’s only 100$. I read up the difference between 1080p and 1080i a while back and don’t remember the difference.

      Pseudosafari, did your Sony use mts files? because it seems to be a rarity that programs will play or edit them.

      And since I’m uploading them to YouTube, does 1080i show up as 1080p anyways, or will my highest quality be 720p?

      Thanks again!

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      Yep, .mts files, but .mts is really just a name that’s used to identify those files that the camera creates. H.264 is the codec my camera uses, and I bet it’s the same one yours uses. I use Premiere Pro now(much more advanced), and they work equally well in both brands of software. You shouldn’t have too much trouble if you have a machine to edit them. Make sure you read the required specs.

      FYI, I’ve seen some 1080p on Youtube, but 720p is probably good enough.

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      awesome well thanks so much for your help! I appreciate it a lot!

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