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      Before I purchased Xpress Pro I had some people tell me that Premiere Pro was very hard to learn and Avid was easier to learn. No that I have Avid it is VERY hard to learn. I had to do a project so I downloaded a trail of Premeire Pro to see if it would be easier. To my suprise I found myself having multiple video tracks with picture-in-picture in a matter of minutes, Which I couldn’t even find out how to do in Avid. What is your opinion about which is easier to learn. Also does this sound normal for Avid or do you think something went wrong on the install.

      Thank You and All imput appreciated,


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      Although I have neaver extensivly used Avid, I have found Priemer to be very easy to use, and learn. About the picture thing, I have heard that it is VERY dificult to get Avid to do that sort of thing, but I can do many such things very easily in Premier. After taking an almost literal first look at Avid, I tunred to Adobe.

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      I have used both systems and I can say Premiere is much easier to work with, in terms of user interface. Avid requires extensive use of the keyboard (they even make special keyboards for Avid), while Premiere’s “look’n’feel” resembles any Windows program – except for accuracy of selections, you won’t feel the need to use your keyboard.

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      Premiere is easier, but Avid is more of an industry standard. They use it to edit more movies, they are always talking about it in special features on movies.

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      It’s been a while since I used AVID and then mostly Media Composer.

      In one of the pull down menus there is a selction for New Video track.

      As to picture-in-picture and other effects most are accessed through a pull-down menu. Look for Effects Pallette. Then you can use the same pull down menu for the Effects Editor.

      Sorry I oculdn’t be more help. Avid can be very frustrating. The Avid keyboard makes things a little easier.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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