EARTH – April 22, 2009

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      Disney, The BBC, Greenlight Media, and The Discovery Channel have quite a treat in store for the family with their new movie EARTH.

      The Trailer can be seen here:

      I implore you you take the family out for a dinner and a movie and enjoy a wonderful night.Smile

      I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for to get out all together, enjoy eachothers company, spend some money and have fun….not a bad way to stimulate the economy…and, if you buy a ticket for EARTH the openning week, Disney will plant a tree in your name!

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      I wish I could make money by simply re-editing the footage from the Planet Earth series.

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      Party pooper….but the money is gonna be made because you get to see it on a gigantic screen….blu-ray and your 19″ computer screen can’t do that, now can they? Also, what’s the difference who editted what, when?…I bet the raw footage was still used…an edit is an edit.

      Also, don’t forget….Disney will plant a tree for you if you go see it…do it for the children…lol.

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      Hey Rob…I was just re-reading my post and I think I may have come across in a negative tone….but it was meant to be more of a friendly tone…If I sounded negative, it was because a bunch of other guys gave mecrap over the same thing in another forum….

      I just think this is a great idea for the family…I wish there was more stuff like this.

      When I say lol…It means I’m all about schlitz n’ giggles.

      *fist pound…lol

      oh yeah…and don’t forget to get your ticket and get a tree planted in your name.

      Also…I have a feeling that in the future you just might be editing things like this…It’s all about how much you want it…well, at least in my book.


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      no worries. I didn’t think you were being a jerk. it’s all good fun around here.

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      I’m looking forward to seeing Earth. I agree with Coreece; there should be more movies that make you feel good. This looks like a great film for anybody to go see!

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      Hey Chris,

      and like Rob said, there is a series from BBC who shot the footage. If you ever get the chance, buy the Blu-ray disc of the original series…it wonwith like4 emmy’s and a ton of other awards…. It will blow you away…Some of the bestHD cinematography ever. πŸ™‚

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      Produced by Discovery Channel titled “planet earth, prepare to see it as never before”

      I was given the 5 dvd collectors edition of the full seriesfor Christmas a few years back. A very treasured gift. This version has Sigourney Weaver as narrator. Even though my copy is not blu-ray it still is a sight to see. Whenever I get in a funk I drop in a disc and am mesmerized and inspiredfor many hours.

      I would love to see how Disney worked with this for the big screen.

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      I saw the trailer on Disney Channel. I looked really good, but something that i noticed is that they used some footage that had been already used. There were some scenes that i saw last week in a movie in my science class. I was like, “WHAT THE DUCK? Is Disney and Discovery reusing their footage?”…

      Maybe they are short on money because of the economic crises and they have to save some bucks…


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      Hey crafters…I believe the BBC version does not have the Sigourney Weaver narration.

      Shippocaio, What was the name of the movie you saw? Are you sure it wasn’t from the Eath series we are talking about. There was 10 hours of footage, so they decided to edit down a shorter version to create aFAMILY MOVIEthat will now be shown on a the BIG SCREEN for EARTH DAY….I also believe it has a different premise than the original series as well.

      This is the greatest HD footage ever shot, and they are trying to give it the exposure it deserves….

      And no….Disney has plenty of money and they will spend millions to plant a tree for earth day if you buy a ticket during the opening week.

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      Coreece, thank you so much for sharing this. Iwent and watched 2 episodes last night before bed after my posting.You’re right. I beleive the BBC version was narrated by Richard Attenborough. He is the narrator on the fith disc of the series, sort of an epilog and of where do we, as attendants of the earth, go from here.The disc set has 11 episodes(not counting the “future” discussions disc 5). Anyone doing any editing knows that you shoot 10 times or more “footage” then ends up in your project. The effort that went into creating that footage was phenomimal. Cameramen would stay at station in the field, and getting to those stations is not for the feint of heart,waiting for weeks for that one shot, and not go insane. This is a perfect example of what can be done. If nothing more, go to honor these cameramen. You will not be disapointed.

      Each episode of the series is prefaced withwords that really stir the emotions.

      “a landmark television series… 5 years in the making… 2000 days of shooting… 204 locations… this is your world… prepare to see it… as never before”

      Anyone interested in videography, this is the one show to see.

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      Back before Discover, TLC and Animal Planet you went to the theater to see movies like this. Nowadays its all over the TV but it was fun as a kid going to see animals and shows like this. I hope this is a trend or a resurgence to programming like this.

      Any of you guys remember the old Sun Classic movies??? Love that stuff!


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      CraftersOfLight – “Cameramen would stay at station in the field, and getting to those stations is not for the feint of heart,waiting for weeks for that one shot, and not go insane.”

      Awesome! Some guys will do anything, like thosealaskan crab guys!

      Here is some of my favorite riskycamera actionstuff…

      I recommend watching the whole thing…it gets pretty intense at 1:28 and extremely intense at around 3:00 all the way till the end….They AREinsane! πŸ™‚

      Aspyrider – “Any of you guys remember the old Sun Classic movies??? Love that stuff!”

      I’m not familiar with those…do you have a link to some info. I did a quick search but didn’t find much…I’ll try a more detailed search later.

      The only films thatI have thathave a similar cinematic style to the Earth Documentary are those older films scored by Philip Glass.

      Koyaanisqatsi – Godfrey Reggio

      Powaqqatsi – Francis Ford Coppola – George Lucas

      Naqqyqatsi – Steven Soderbergh

      Ialso like to have this type of stuff playing in the background as ambience even if I’m not really watching it…especially if I need some creative or inspirational influence…it can also mezmorize you and put you to sleep…lol!

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      I remember growing up in the sixties watching a series of Disney films (I cannot remember if they were 15 min shorts or full length) that were nature footage set to classical music. No narration, the tone of the music helped tell the story,with clips of flora and fauna of the area. I think they were produced in the fifties. There was one based on the Grand Canyon and another based on the praires of Wyoming plus a couple more mymemory is too vague to recall details of.

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