DVX100b or HV30

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      hey my friend is selling his DVX100b for $900 and im thinking about buying it. its practically brand new hardly used.

      but some people have told me that the hv30 is better.

      which camera is the better purchase??? any help is greatly appreciated

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      I would get the DVX. It has more advance features. People might be saying the HV30 is “better”because it’s HD, but that doesn’t necessarily make it better.

      Go with the DVX

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      Dude, for 900 bucks….that’s a steal!

      Eventhough the hv30 is HD and has its advantages, the two cameras are in completely different categories.

      DVX for sure.

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      I’d go with the DVX in a heart beat for 900. It may not be HD, but the picture still looks pretty Awesome.

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