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      I am looking into getting a DVX100A (or B).
      First, what is the best (cheapest) place to find one (except the obvious Nextag, Pricegrabber…)
      Second, does any one knows of classes in L.A where you can learn the basics of shoot? Please be specific in your recommendations: No "film schools".


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      Well, unless you want to buy used (like off Ebay or another reputable auction site), then the cheapest place to buy one new is probably B&H or Markertek.

      I don’t know about classes because I don’t live in LA, but just googling the subject brings up link after link of suggestions and tips for filming (including specific tutorials about the DVX100). Heck, if there is a local community college or anything similar nearby, see if you can take a Film Appreciation course. It won’t really be hands-on as far as filming, but you learn a lot about the basics of shot composition, what filmmakers did to shoot stuff, and how they created moods and themes in their shots. Not sure if that’s the kind of class your looking for, but it would be a great place to start.

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      Thanks for the tips.
      I do have a community by my house where I already took classes. It was pretty bad to be honest. I just wish this type of colleges would have more money to really give decent quality classes in fields like TV and film making where things move so fast.
      As far as classes, I know that LA is full of them. But LA is full of every body making you believe they can teach anything! 🙂
      I just need a strong recommendation.
      I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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