DVX 100A Low Light “Reddish” Skin tones help!!!

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      I have been shooting weddings for about 1 year now and when I get into a low light situation (receptions) with my DVX 100A, the peoples skin tones get very "reddish" no matter how often I try to re-white balance, they go too warm. The shirts are white the brides dress all white tablecothes etc. I have tried white balancing with a slightly orange filter in front of a white card, no luck (a trick a news cameraperson told me) and I am really at a loss. I have used an on board light for my camera (50wt-to 100wt) it helps but people really don’t like the light. I have gone in and reduced chroma in settings.

      Can anyone help me with this, I have made 16mm films for many years so pretty familar with 16mm filmmaking, but this has baffled me for some time.

      Thanks for any help or advice… the more the merrier… Thanks



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      Wow, didn’t we respond to this question? I read this thread last week and there were many people chiming in. Did this get posted in two places?

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      How high is the color saturation set on the camera? If you have it up pretty high, it will saturate reds WAY TOO MUCH. You’re better off dialing it down and the adding more color in post later. You don’t want to peak in the red, green, or blue values.

      Paul Del Vecchio – Director


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