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      I have a film and photo to DVD transfer business where I include a backup copy on DVTape of the finished project, given to my clients for safe keeping and recovery. With HD (either format) on the horizon, my question is – has anyone converted uncompressed video (DVTape) to HD and if so what is the positives and negatives about the process.
      I can’t close up shop and wait for everyone to convert, nor can I create many projects in HD, because cheap playback is not available.


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      I understand that there is software available to “upconvert” SD footage to HD, but I must ask WHY would you want to do that? SD to HD will NEVER look as good as shooting originally in HD.

      When you upconvert, it is bascially “adding” to the information that is already there. I would not recommend doing it. There are dvd players out there that will do the job for you.

      HD is the next step, so you should prepare for it if you want to gain additional business. Don’t worry, there will still be some late-comers who will take awhile before they convert to HD.

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      Same topic, slightly different question.

      My camera (Canon HV10) is miniDV format and records in 1080i format. My question is how do I get this tape format into a ‘better than’ SD format DVD (hopefully HD format)? I don’t need full 1080i format DVD if it is difficult/expensive. Just want to know how I can get a better quality DVD than my normal SD quality burn.

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      you’ll need a blu-ray burner, and an nle that can work with HDV files, and is able to actually burn Blu-ray

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      My question is how do I get this tape format into a ‘better than’ SD format DVD (hopefully HD format)?

      You will need some type of player, that is capable of playing HD video files. This could be anything from a computer (Media Center) connected to your HDTV………to a blu-ray player. If you choose the blu-ray player, and if it’s a Sony or a Panasonic, you can encode the files to AVCHD format andburn it on a normal DVD. You won’t have to purchase a blu-ray burner and blank blu-ray discs until you are ready for it.

      If you are in the market for a blu-ray player, I would strongly suggest the Playstation 3, as it is one of the best blu-ray players out there.

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