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      Hello to all,

      I’ve just updated the DVShade plugin, it now consists of one plugin, DVShade EasyLooks. This plugin is comparable to Magic Bullet Editors Looks but costs much much less. I have included some presets with it as well. Check out the sitehttp://www.dvshade.com for more info.

      I will also be launching a new plugin within the next month entitled DVShade Toon’In. This will give your digital videos a cartoon look a la Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly style.

      Reflection V2 is still in the works, I have had to change it to the FxPlug API as the FXScript API is giving me less than stellar results. The good news is that it will be OpenGL accelerated and will work in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express 4, and now Motion.

      Thanks you all for the support, and if anyone has a cool idea for a plugin, or is in dire need of one, feel free to forward it to me at andtrev@gmail.com. Anything I create for you will be freely available on my site so that everyone can benefit from it.

      Thanks again,
      Trevor Anderson

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