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      I am using Vegas 8 and dvd architect 5. I shot HD 1920×1080 and edited it in Vegas 8, but my final dvds would sometimes skip and won’t play at all in PC dvd drives. I rendered out of vegas as MPEG2 and was careful to watch the bitrates. I imported it into DVD architect 5.0, made my menus, etc. and then burnt them. Now the dvds usually play in regular dvd players, but they are not recognized by ANY computer drive (mac or pc). Nor are they recognized by any small form factor dvd player that uses a PC drive as it’s drive. I think I am “rendering as” incorrectly and need to know which settings to use to render as and if I need to modify any settings in DVD Architect. I believe I am using the main concept mpeg2 setting with ntsc widescreen. I seen others who render as main concept DVDA and AC3 seperately. Would that help? Thanks.

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      “I seen others who render as main concept DVDA and AC3 seperately.”

      It probably won’t make any difference with your problem, but this *is* the preferred workpath.

      I would place my bet on – you are probably burning the DVD’s at the highest possible burn rate.

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      Do you mean burning too fast (i.e. 16x). I’ve tried burning everywhere between 6X (lowest I can go) to 18X and it seems to make no difference. I’ve tried to mess with the bitrates (limiting at 6000, 7000, 8000, and doing vbr with the lowest setting at under 1000, avg setting 7500, and the highest setting at 9800). I just can’t seem to figure out what to try next. Both videos are about an hour and a half. I thought I had the bitrates set right, but maybe someone could recommend the 2 pass VBR settings (lowest, avg, and highest) for a 1 1/2 hour video. In DVDA, I noticed that when you get to the burn step, under optimize video, there is a slider that adjusts the bitrate. Could my problem be that the “optimizer is trying to re-adjust the bitrate and therefore causing playback issues? Thanks.

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      I used Sony Vegas 6 then upgraded to 9 and dvd arrchitect. I had problems viewing burned discs on an older dvd player. I upgraded equipment and had no problems using the newer burner. If you can, see if you can burn on a different computer to at least eliminate the possibility that your burner is the problem

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      “vbr with the lowest setting at under 1000, avg setting 7500, and the highest setting at 9800”

      DVDs encoded higher than 8Mbps will make DVD players angry. Try setting your max bitrate to 7.5Mbps and your average to about 6.5Mbps.

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