DVDs won’t play-help!!!!

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      OK, I’ve been working with DVD for about 2 years now, and I’ve never had this problem.

      I filmed a Shakespeare performance for a school that turned out to be about 2 hours and 20 minutes long, somewhere around there. I compressed the video a little to fit on the disc (4.7GB single-layer). When I played back some of the copies on my DVD players, they played back fine (I even have a $30 player). But now people are saying that when they play the disc in their machines, it skips and freezes and cuts off the last 5 minutes of the show.

      What am I doing wrong? Is my burner bad? Is it the media or their DVD player? I use a Sony DRU-510A and I burn onto TDK 8x DVD+R’s (but I burn them at 4x). I bought my burner in August 2002 and I’ve burnt around a thousand discs with it. Could it just be going bad?

      Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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      What am I doing wrong? Is my burner bad? Is it the media or their DVD player?

      Probably it is about 90% the fault of their DVD player. The other 10% is the format (+), the brand (TDK) and the speed of the media (8x).

      See if you can find some 4X media. If that is a dual media burner, try using the more compatible (-R) format.

      A lot of older DVD players (2 years old and older) just don’t like burned media. They were designed to play pressed media like what you buy and rent movies on. The newer DVD players can adjust themselves to play which ever media you put in it. The older players were factory adjusted to play pressed media so burned media can be a problem for them.

      You can always tell them to go down to Walmart and buy a new $40 DVD player if they really want to play your burned DVD’s.

      I have been having wonderful results (100% I think) with people playing my 4X Verbatum Movie Reel DVD-R’s. Nobody has told me yet (out of about 50 different families) that they couldn’t play one of my burned DVD’s.


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      Thank you very much for your reply! I’m only gonna use 4x Verbatum -R media now!

      Turns out, some of the families said they tried it in another player and it works fine, and I’m still working out issues with some others.

      Thanks again for your wealth of information!

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      Or maybe it could also ur burning software. I had this problem once, i thought it was my dvd-r having problems, but I was the burner software was hang awhile during the burning process.

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      dvd-r’s are the way to go

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      One thing that I have found that has increased my compatability with more players is to change the book type of the DVD. You can only do this on DVD + R media; but it has been very successful for me in being compatible with more of the older players. You can get a free (advert heavy) copy of DVDINFOPRO online at http://www.dvdinfopro.com and change the book type of the DVD+R burn.

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