DVD’s skipping and freezing. Brides screaming. Help!

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      My partner and I use IDVD to burn out final projects. We use Taiyo Yuden Valueline 8X Silver Thermal Lacquer DVD-R Blank Media, with the date and project name inked onto the DVD. The burner in the tower is probably over four years old now. For the last five projects we are experiencing the videos freezing or skipping. How can we figure out if it is the burner, software or DVD’s that are the problem.

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      My first suspects would be A.) the “valueline” TYs. I use TY as well, but ONLY the premium disks – not THAT much more if you catch a sale at supermedia or cddvdrmedia or one of the other heavy web hitters. Sometimes you have to purchase 200, 400 or 600 to get sweet deals on the premiums.

      I also ONLY use white, hub printable, inkjet surface. I’ve had no experience, in a long, long time with thermal surface blanks, but there could be an issue with the thermals and possibly lesser quality in the valueline product.

      B.) a four-year-old burner could be experiencing a weakening laser head, and that combined with the valueline disks.

      If I were to begin experiencing these issues I would first set aside my current stock of blanks and purchase some high quality disks, and try them. Possibly the issue would be solved. My first suspect would be low quality or defective batch of blanks.

      If after trying top grade TY blanks I still experienced this, I’d run a laser/lens cleaner, and try again.

      If the problem persists, I would think I could safely suspect the burner and replace or upgrade or whatever.

      It COULD be a software issue, but unless you are getting some kind of indication or warning from the system, I would doubt that is where the problem lies.

      Possibly a re-install of the software????

      I was not clear if your clients were the ones claiming the playback problems, or if you’d actually tested the end products yourself and experienced the playback issues. If the complaints come from the clients, I’d find out how old their playback system is, when the last time they cleaned it, etc. People who play a lot of rentals don’t realize the potential for oils, dust and other crap that accumulates over time. Dirty lenses there could be the culprit as well.

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      I would also recommend updating your burner’s firmware. Firmware is built into the drive’s flash memory which acts as the control center for a drive’s operation. It determines the best parameters for the speed of media you are using, and then continually monitors the burn process to ensure the quality of the burn. This will also help with compatibility.

      Also, if you can control the burn speed, I wouldn’t go past 12x….I like to keep it at 8x.

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      Firmware can be downloaded from the burner’s manufacturer website.

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      no media can be guarenteed to work on all players. especially older (and believe it or not, higher quality/more expensive players).

      Suggest that they polish the burned side with Pledge furnature polish, and a soft cloth.

      try playing it on a $50.00 dvd player from wallmart and see if it plays, if it doesn’t then exchange the discs for free, using the following advice.

      use highest quality media.

      use slowest (2x or 4x) burn speed.

      see if that resolves issue.

      if not, try a different burner.

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      Going to try all the above. Thanks gentlemen!

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