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      I know this topic has PROBABLY been posted before but I can’t seem to find it in a search.

      First, I am very computer savy. Degree and all, etc.

      I am trying to decide which format (DVD+R OR DVD-R) is more compatible. I am making my Sample DVD for my videography company and I don’t want someone to get a video and it not work in their player.
      I bought a DVD recorder for Christmas. While going through the manual I noticed that DVD+R and +RW had leaps and bounds more features. For ex: I could record a show and WITHOUT finalizing the disc, I could put it in another DVD player and it worked perfectly. DVD-R/RW could not. I had to finalize them.

      Now to my Major question.
      I have, up until recently, been completely unwaivering in my support for DVD-R/RW.

      I am making my Sample DVD for my Videography business with DVD-R.
      My problem came when I burned 3 copies and went to test them out on my DVD player (I have 3 in the house/ all different brands).
      Player 1 – The DVD worked perfectly.
      Player 2 – The DVD stalled a little and I had to eject it multiple time till it finally read the DVD.
      Player 3 – The DVD did not work at all. An ERROR message popped up on the screen that said the disc was not compatible.

      I thought it might have been the way I rendered the disc in the editin software. So I rerendered it with different settings with the same results.


      I just happened to find a couple DVD+R’s sitting around that my brother brought over to my house a few months back. I decided to experiment and burn a copy on one of those.
      I did and guess what?! It worked in all three player with no problems.


      I have been doing research on the internet regarding compatibility.
      DVD-R is supposed to be the original and the more Compatible. SOmewhere around 94%.
      DVD+R is at only 89% compatible.

      Does anyone else have any experience with this or any insight?


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      You are absolutely correct! This has been beaten to death many times. There are actually a lot more variables here that come into play. Not just +R or -R disks, but the burner you are using, the media brand you are using, the software you are using and the burn speeds you are using. Just what you wanted to hear right? 😕

      I have found the same information regarding -R being more compatible out in the real world. That is all I use (for now anyway). They say that these disks are more compatible for older set top players.

      Now here is what I found (for me anyway). Memorex DVDs don’t work well at all for me. I always had playing issues with them on my players as well as customer’s players. I now only use Imitation or Philips disks. I also have 3 PCs with different DVD burners. Two of them are older but I found that if I burn disks at 2X, I never have a problem. That sucks because it takes longer but I rather have a playable disk going out the door then just trying to save me some time at home. If I use these same burners and crank them up to 4X using the same disks, hanging and skipping starts to occure. Now on my newest burner, the slowest it can go is 4X. When I burn using that at 4X, I never have a problem. WHY? Who the hell knows! It’s a different brand so that obviously has something to do with it.

      To make a short story… long, there are a number is variables that could come into play here. It took me about a year to find the hot setup… but that is now how I burn by.

      Of course everyone will be different but I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make here.

      Your burners are like NASCARS, once you get the gear ratio and tire pressure right on a given track, don’t change a thing. Especially if you win all the time! X-D


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      I use -R discs exclusively. Taiyo Yuden are said to be the best discs available with Verbatim a close second.

      Burn speed can affect the quality of the burn. I always burn a 4x. My computer has 5 burners so I can burn 5 simultaneously. I get 5 every 15 minutes at 4x speed. Also, writable DVDs are not as reflective as stamped DVDs. If your transcode settings are at the maximum allowable for DVD (8MBps for video), then some players will "choke" trying to read it. Kinda like driving your car at night with a dirty windshield. You just can’t go as fast without problems. I never transcode my video above 7MBps and I never have a problem.

      While the +R format may have more features than -R, it is not recognized by the DVD forum. I myself have never had good luck with +R discs.

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