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      I normally use Lightscribe to burn images onto CD’s and DVD’s. However, my latest video project quantity doesn’t allow this due to the time it takes for a Lightscribe image to burn. For this reason I am looking at printable DVD’s and can find little info on the good, the bad, and the ugly of what printers are available for direct to disc printing. I don’t want to drop big money as most printers do a pretty darn good job. Any suggestions on a light on the wallet DVD/CD direct printer? Keeping in mind ink cost because sometimes the printer costs less than the ink.

      Thank you

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      Check Canon or Epsom printer from Staple store or Best Buy or any similar stores to print directly on DVD this comes with software. Inkjet direct print is a good way to produce decent quality at low cost.



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      check this recent discussion too


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      AvatarMoab Man

      Thank you both. Looking local NO ONE seems to carry on their shelves any of the DVD direct print printers. Afraid I will have to online shop so any input is appreciated.

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      Once you get your printer for direct to cd/dvd printing you want to also consider software other than what comes with the printer for some additionalflexibility. I use SureThing software with my Epson Artisan printer. The software is not to expensive and makes printing a theme on the disk as well as the case inserts fairly easy.

      Good Luck

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      You can use any type of printer, labeling DVD/CD not all rely with type of printers. I suggest to try Nero, there is a disc labeling format that you can use, and it provides you standard size result.





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