DVD Tower or “All in one” ??

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      Opinions please. Looking to purchase but not sure which way is better.

      A DVD Duplication tower w/ Hard drive or an "all in one" type (Bravo/Rimage) ?

      I do 3 or 4 concerts/graduations a year and might duplicate between 20 – 75 copies for each. Right now I am Creating an .ISO on my Harddrive and burning the DVD’s 1 at a time – then printing on a R200 almost always b/w (no need for color) with minimal printing (Name of event & Date). All my other DVD productions (i.e. weddings, VHS to DVD transfers) only dupe 2 or 3.

      Thanks for the advice.


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      I have been recently using a 1×3 TEAC stand alone duplicator and it seems like a solid unit. I did however have inconsistency between players.

      If you read my previous posts you can read there what I have to say.

      I also mention the printing method I like; using a TEAC P-11 thermal monochrome printer on shiny silver media. Pheeeww that’s a breath full! Hahaha do I sound like a geek or WHAT? =)


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      I’ve got a 7 bay burner and love it. I consider it one of my best investments. Besides, it doesn’t tie up the PC!

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      Here’s the link to the unit: http://www.applied-magic.com/p_duplicator.html

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