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      I feel like I am niave for even asking this question.

      I currently make video slideshows and burn each individual one on my computer. More and more I have been asked to make 5-7 copies. It seems like it is taking too much time and I was going to invest in a DVD tower duplicator which I could do 3-5 per time.

      My questions are, do those duplicatorsmake a true dvd with a menu? Can I hook it up directly to my computer and burn rightfrom my software which isSony DVD Architect? I knowthis is a very vague question.


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      There should be no reason they can’t. They would be nearly worthless without the capacity to copy any non-copy protected DVD. But if you’re worried, ask before you buy it. And I hope you’ve already decided the expense of a duplicator tower is worth it. I always felt the hour or two spent duplicating while I watched TV wasn’t worth the money to buy any sort of duplicator.

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      CD DVD Duplicators will make an exact copy of any non-copy protected DVD. So to answer your question, yes, those duplicators do make a true dvd with a menu. Some duplicators have an option firewire and/or usb contection. What this basically does is lets you use one of the drives on the tower duplicator as an external drive. You cannot go directly from your computer to all the drives on the duplicator (only to the drive(s) that have a usb connection). To duplicate multiple discs at one time, you would need to first create a master disc.

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      I have an Aleratec tower that can burn mutliple DVDs while I do other things on my computer. The droppix software makes an exact image of the DVD and burns it. It hooks up via USB and works wonderfully.

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