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      I am having trouble getting audio in dvd studio pro. i used compressor and i used the encoded for dvd. However when i tried to import the first time it told me it was not compatible. The second time the video was there but no audio. Please help.

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      I have had trouble with this in the past as well. I have found that none of the FC Studios applications accept MPEG very readily. Since that is what the DVD standard is, DVD studio seems to not be able to recognize the audio line. The same way Final Cut won’t read the audio in MPEG.

      Personally, I just export the video from FCP to an uncompressed or DV format (one that has little quality loss) and just set DVD Studioto compress the files as I input them into the project. Once they are imported in the asset box, you will see a progress bar begin for each video and audio line.

      You can set the Bit rate for what ever you want the default project bit rate to be. Then you can change each individual fileonce the are imported by Ctrl Clicking (right clicking) on the file and choosing render setting (<- I think that’s what it is called).

      To be safe, Always try to set the Max bit rate to no more than 7.2 and the min I usually set at 5.

      Hope this helps.

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