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      I am the video collaborator at a world wide church. Every Wednesday and Sunday we record the message preached, edit and create a DVD which we send via DHL to all of the nations where we have centers. As you can imagine it cost to much to do this and we are looking for alternatives.

      I am looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to be able to create a DVD image, divide it with WinRAR deploy it via the internet and allow all of the centers to be able to download the .rar files, put them back together with WinRAR and burn the message with menu and all.

      Some of my users have Adobe Encore 1.0, but others have no clue on what to do. I am looking for a cost effective way, as you should understand I am not looking to use any crack or unregistered software. I am looking for a small, cost effective but powerful DVD authoring program which will allow me to create an image and be able to send it to all of the churches so they can install the same program and be able to burn the image I send them to DVD.

      Any ideas would be really appreciated

      Thank you very much!

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      Never used it but you could try something like this: http://www.sofotex.com/DVD-Splitter-download_L9241.html

      A google search will find you other similar stuff, but you’ll see some lower down on the same page as well.

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