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      Hi, I’m new to all this HD editing and was in the market for some HD editing software. I have a sony HDR-HC7 I got a a month ago and wish to edit some video I took in HD. I was thinking of purchasing Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8, can anyone tell who has it if it can burn all region dvd’s. It’s just that my folks are in Europe and I’d like to send them DVDs of the family in the US.

      Does any software burn all region dvds?

      Tks. in advance to those who respond.


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      Are you talking about HD footage? What type of player will they be playing it on (HD-DVD, Blu Ray)? There are ways to record some HD footage to a DVD-r and play it on a HD DVD player but if you’re talking about creating it in SD that’s a different story.

      I can’t speak for Sony but I’m pretty sure most (or all) authoring software will allow you to create region free DVDs.

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      Regions are invented by the studio’s so they can limit the distribution.
      In Europe US films are always shown later then in the US.
      To prevent people from purchasing DVD’s of films that are not yet shown in the cinema, they invented the regions.
      Authoring software burns always regionfree.

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