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      I shot a move in 720p at 60fps on a Panosonic P2 camera. I produced a dvd using Encore. It looked great on a tv but at a recent festival where it was projected onto a screen it was all out of proportion and dark. What is the best way to make a dvd that will look the same on tv or when projected?Thanks

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      Iassumethe other film shows didn’t also have the sameproblems? Sounds to me like they didsomethingto your video. Very often a festival will rip your DVD to moreeasilyrun through the films, Sound like they did some nasty conversion to it for somereason.Projectorsareusuallya bit morecontrast-y, and darker than TVs and other screens, but should not distort the image. If that was the case, there was nothing you could have done…exceptcomplain to them.

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