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      Hey, I am the video editior for my BMX team and I sell my videos for profit. I am making the decision to steup up from VCDs ( yes sad I know) to DVDs. I use adobe premiere 6.5 to edit, I have a sony mini dv cam. I want to find out what program I should use to create the DVDs with. I have no problem editing, but I also need to know that format I should export my video files as if i would be putting them in to the dvd program.
      any help is appreicated as I am releasing my next BMX video in two weeks.


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      Upgrade to the adobe video collection if you got the cash its a great suite of software that unfortuantly i have had to abandon because of its lack of professional acceptance (Discreet, Avid,and FCP have the pro market). But if you only need DV25 editing then you cant go wrong with Premiere and the Video collection.

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      DVD’s use Mpeg2 video files. And i’m sure 1) premiere can export Mpeg2 and 2) any DVD app you choose will be able to convert your footage to Mpeg2. Since you are using Premiere, Encore sounds like the way to go. Stick in the same family and you should be good. But if that is too pricey, you might want to try DVDLab from Mediachance. http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/

      Check it out.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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