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      Does anybody know a DVD printing service. I found online only who does in bulk, large quantities. What if I just need one or two for my wedding or bar mitzvah clients. Thanks.

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      If you only need one or two labels, Avery or Memorex both have good, although I preferred the Memorex program for it’s ease of use, although it only prints to Memorex papers. These print in your printer, both ink jet and laser. Search Ebay or your local tech big box store for labels

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      I stopped using and will never again use adhesive paper labels or applicators for DVD labeling. Over time the adhesive can become brittle or even tacky during repeated play, causing air bubbles (if they didn’t already exist due to difficulty in applying the label in the first place), misbalance or even the edges to curl and cause problems, even damage, to yours or your clients’ players. BAD!

      With the availability of so many printers on today’s market that offer DVD printable surface printing, starting at $100 (even less if you shop around) and on up this is the ideal setup for KireZ who needs only “one or two” for wedding & mitzvah clients. Although ink replacement CAN become expensive unless you invest in a printer that can use a CISS (constant ink supply system, or bulk ink supply system … Article coming soon to my blog at E.C. Come, E.C. Go) this isn’t such a drawback when you’re doing only a few per project.

      And the ease and quality of doing your own full-color labeling using printer manufacturer-provided programs or other image processing programs, as well as the improvement over paper/adhesive/manual application processes, is far superior and economical. Especially over having ANYONE commercially printing one or hundreds. Thousands? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story … go commercial if you have copyright clearance on both the surface graphics and art as well as the DVD content, including the music that was played at the gig. Just sayin’.

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      Thank you Earl and DNSVideo for the input. I was aware of Avery/Memorex labeling system. I was tried it once several years ago for a personal project. It was not an easy task to make it right and didn’t really looked professional. The inkjet printing with CISS as Earl have said is would be a better option. However i don’t feel buying yet another printer (i already have laser one), and CISS system, creating yet more clutter on my workspace. I was hopping find a service that can imprint as little as one, two DVD(s) at the time, but apparently there is none. But I was keep looking for better way to label DVDs for my needs and have came across the LG External Drive LightScribe burning and etching technology DVD labeling system (thank you Youtube). Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTEuibhjnb8 The drive cost under $50 on Amazon.com and you just need to buy LightScribe compatible DVDs wich is also available on Amazon. Thanks again guys, specially Earl as he being very helpful and invaluable, passing expert advise to us new in the industry.

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       KireZ, I have used a the lightscribe burner that was included with a computer that I purchased a few years ago. I was pleased with the results, certainly better than using a marker to write on the discs. It was easy to use and I used templates from the lightscribe site. As noted in the video the process can take up to 20 minutes to complete (this is dependent on how far from the center hub of the disc the graphic extends). It is actually burning the top surface much the same as burning info on the data side. The results are a kind of shading of the base color of the disc (monochromatc style). The discs are available in a few different base colors and are produced by a few different makers. The results are acceptable but not impressive. I recently needed to replace my printer and purchased an Epson Artisan which has a tray to hold a CD/DVD and allows printing directly to a hub printable disc. This is easy to use and produces more impressive and professional results, IMVHO. I think that you will be satisfied with the lightscribe system but if you need to replace your printer at some point, I highly recommend the Artisan. I hope this helps.

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      Thank you vid-e-o-man, I have ordered the drive and color DVDs. As of now i gonna be satisfied with Lightscribe duotone look. Once i will be ready for full color, the Epson printer and CIS system is the way to go.

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