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      Simple question – the answer’s probably not as simple. When editing in Final Cut HD does the number of video or audio tracks or special effects increase the likelihood of playback problems on domestic DVD players. Or does the type of music file used (Mp3, AIFF) have ant bearing on this? πŸ˜•

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      Editing and authoring is not the same, even if applications allow you to do both from the same app. To solve this issue, what exactly are you experiencing? Is there no picture, no sound, skipping, WHAT?

      I don’t use Final cut (its a Mac product), but I might still be able to help. Lack of info about the problem won’t get much replies to a solution. It could be a number of things. Please elaborate!!!

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      A sixty minute movie, a small part of which is a spliced interview between two people (male & female) I put background sounds to the male only by way of mp3. On the finished DVD when he speaks there is no sound at all, when she speaks – fine? Movie created in Final Cut HD. DVD created in iDVD (Macs own) DVD burned using disk utility. A system I have used to produce over fifty DVDs using Taiyo Yuden discs without any problems. You’re probably wondering why I am asking the question when I tell you the next bit because it only has this fault on the customers DVD player (Philips) it plays fine on all others I have tried. However I am really puzzled has to why the offending DVD player doesn’t read just that one portion of the sound. If it is at all possible to avoid this happening again (even though it appears to be the DVD player at fault) I would want to know. Thanks for your help.

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      You may want to try burning it at a lowest speed possible. I’m not a fan of phillips products and have noticed they make some of the most picky DVD players around. Any home burned DVD could potentially have problems on certain picky players. It should be nothing with your sound files though.

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      I agree with Greg. I’ve found the Imation disks seem to play in just about everyone’s players but my Phillips! I’ve tried many different brands of disks but the Imation seem to work the best. It really does help to record the disk at the slowest speed possible.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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