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      I export from Premier, Burn with encore 1.5. I get an occasional complaint that the dvds freeze during playback.
      I wish I can locate the problem. Is it my burner? encore? The Media I use?
      I would really appreciate any help.
      Thank you.

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      Thanks so much for the help.
      Do you think that +R is a better idea. I’ve been using -R because I was told they are more compatible .
      Do you recommend a brand of Media.
      My burner is almost 3 years old (pioneer) do you think a new one would have better results.
      Thanks again

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      Without taking the same DVD and testing in your player, it is hard to say just what the problem is, but be aware that not all DVD players will properly play -R DVDs (the type created on computers).

      Did you mean +R disks?

      In all of my experiences, it seems that the you have better luck with -R disks playing on set-top players versus +R disks.

      T and M:

      First off, note what type of disks you’re using. (+R or -R.)
      Second, note what speeds you’re burning at. Slower is sometimes better.
      3rd, note what brand name you’re using. They’re not all the same.

      Personally I have always have had problems with Memorex so I will never use them again.
      When I do some major projects if I burn using only -R disks and 2X (yeah I know that stinks) I have never had a complaint with disks not playing from anyone. Keep in mind that this is me. You might have good results with -R disks burned @ 4X or 8X. You’ll have to experiement. I took a project and burned it @ 4X and it didn’t play on one of my set-top players. I took the same project and burned it @ 2X and it played through the whole thing flawlessly. Go figure! It comes down to the right combination of everything.


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      I have been using Memorex I’ll change to Sony see how that works
      Ill also change the speed I’ve been burning at x4 Ill go down to x2
      I’ll try upgrading to a new burner What do you think of a Lacie Lightscribe?
      Thankx so much for your help ,this problem is driving me crazy and Tech support just takes to long

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      I’ve had trouble burning DVD’s – some worked on some players and some wouldn’t play at all. The mistake I was making was burning from the video editing programme. The process was slow and required a lot of work by the computer to assemble the files for burning.

      I solved the problem by :-
      Burning an original (the programme used was Pinnacle Studio 9)

      Checking that it plays right through on the computer (even if it won’t play properly on your DVD player).

      Copying the DVD using another programme – Nero "Copy DVD" is the one I use.

      After this every disc played faultlessly and burning was at least 10 times faster. I’m sure this way would work with other video editing programmes
      and avoid the problems when making extra copies.

      I hope this helps someone.

      Best wishes

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      I’m not sure if Pinnacle has this feature but most DVD authoring programs do. Instead of burning to a disk right away, you burn to a folder on your HD instead. Pretty much everyone goes this route. Once you have the group of DVD formatted folders on your HD all you have to do is fire up Nero, set it up to create a video DVD and just drag and drop your files. It’s a lot easier and less prown to errors. Then later if you want to make another DVD you just do the same thing versus having to waste time copying the files from a source DVD and then re-burning them on another DVD. That takes too long.

      Check to see if Pinnacle has an option to burn to a folder instead of a disk.


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      Hi Ram
      Thanks for the tip. I wasted hours and buckets of DVD’s trying to burn from Pinnacle so I was pleased to overcome that problem. Your information is very useful to a novice like me so thank you very much.


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      Your welcome Frank!

      The only file you need to drag over in Nero when you want to make a video DVD is a folder called "VIDEO_TS". As long as that is in the root directory on your disk, you will be fine. DVD players will look for that folder and when they find it, they know what to do.


      p:s Keep in mind that everyone was a novice at one point in time. Welcome aboard! πŸ˜‰

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      Hi guys,
      I’ve been awawy for quite some time, but thought I’d throw my two bobs worth in.
      I had problems with freezing. I changed the brand of DVD. I have 100% with TDK printable discs and burning at 2 x times speed. Yes A painfull process I know, but no come backs – touch wood.

      Hey Frank welcome to the world of video editing.
      I use Studio 9 plus and have recenetly tried out Studio 10.6. Hmm didn’t import my studio 9 files too well.
      Anyway, I do full authoring, including the built in DVD menu maker etc and yes it does take some time to render the project.
      I used to do the same, burn the original from Studio, then duplicate it. I found the area where I could tell Studio to burn to hard drive, but I had trouble finding where the computer filed it.
      I reformatted the whole system (4 hard drives) and reinstalled, telling the computer where I wanted everything (dedicated hard drives for specific files and jobs) now I can find everything .
      If you have any spscific problems or want to know something about Studio 9/10 drop me a line and Ill do my best to help

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      I have a Dell with Windows Vista Home Premium and I use Adobe Premier Elements 4.0 for video editing. Recently, I’ve encounterd a problem with my burned DVDs freezing during playback on a variety of stand alone DVD players.

      I’ve been searching various forums to find a solution. I’ve tried various name brands on the DVDs with no cure. I have no idea how to change the burn speed on the DVD recorder and I’ve also burned a PE4 project to a DVD folder but can’t figure out how to open it in Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 in order to try a different burning software.

      So how do I change burn speed on the PC’s DVD recorder? How do I open the PE4 project in Roxio? Can anyone recommend another solution?

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      what you need to do is export files that are DVD compliant – in other words, files that meet the standards/requirements of DVD players. Those files are MPEG 2, which is a video file, and .ac3, which is an audio file.

      Then you have to burn those files to a DVD using DVD authoring software.

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