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      I make roughly 300 DVDs per year, authoring on DVD Studio Pro, and printing with an Epson ink-jet printer. My question is if anyone can suggest a place to buy top-quality (TYG01) Taiyo Yuden discs.

      I have been using TYG02 quality, the best quality that I have been able to find, from Supermediastore.com, and have had reasonably good luck avoiding quality issues like skipping or hesitation. (I have found from experience that anything less than TYG02 will give me problems (on my cheap “test” player – I have to assume some of my customers will not have the best players). However, on long programs (approaching 2 hours on a disc), I still have some occasional hesitation.

      I encode using Compressor, and never exceed 7 MBps encode rate.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.


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      There are buttloads of blank media outlets. You’ll just have to wade through them. Some good outfits I’ve dealt with are: uline.com, usaplastic.com (for cases) and shop4tech.com.

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      This is a good discussion.It is helpfull to me.

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