DVD freezing using architect pro and Vegas pro 10.

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      Hi everybody,

      I am trying to create a DVD for my friends wedding, I have
      created a selection of clips and rendered them in sony vega pro 10 in the pal
      format (as im in the uk) I then created a dvd menu within sony dvd architect
      pro 5 and have gone to preview dvd and everything plays ok.

      So I burn the project to a dvd and try the dvd in a player
      and the menu works ok.

      Now here comes the problems, the videos start to play then
      after a bit they freeze, I can hear the dvd player working (that im loading
      give me a sec noise) and then it goes back to the main menu.

      I have tried the dvd in many different players but still
      have the same problems however the dvd freezes at different points on each of
      the different players.

      I have also tried two different dvds to see if it was a
      problem with the disk but get the same problem.

      I have checked the amount of space on the dvd and I am using
      70% so that shouldnt be a problem, im hoping that it is something simple in
      the settings that I havent done as I am a complete newbie to burning videos to
      dvd so any help would be much appreciated.

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      Defective media?

      Too high of a bit rate? What were your render settings?


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      Maybe try creating an ISO file and burning that? This way you could check the file first using something like Virtual Clonedrive (freeware).

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      I have tried it on different discs and still have the same trouble so i wouldnt of thought that it was the media (although they are the same make so).

      the renderings have been set to DVD architect pal and everything has been left as the default but i changed it to the aspect ratio of 16:9 (25fps ect..)

      I havent tried creating an iso file yet, so that will be my next port of call.

      thanks for the help so far.

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      Just a quick update, I tried creating an iso image and then burning that to the dvd and it seems to have done the trick :).

      thanks for the help guys!

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      I suspect that the bit rate may have been too high.

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