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      One of our editors made a mistake in a title of the Encore menu and he already burned the DVD and doesn’t have the encore project files.

      Now I was asked to make a new menu but keep the quality of the movie.

      The only way I thought I’d be able to do this was to convert the VOB files on the DVD to raw AVI files or to AVI DV (this is one of my questions), and to buikd a new meny in Encore and burn it again. Of course by doing this, Encore will once again be converting these files back to MPEG-2.

      How do I do this without losing any quality? Two conversions on a VOB file sounds scary.

      p.s. Both Encore and Premiere do not support importing the VOB file from the disk as it is.


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      What ripping and conversion software do you have? If you have Canopus Procoder and DVD Decrypter your all set.

      1. Copy the discs VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive.
      2. From the DVD disc, rip all the video files to a folder on your hard drive. Visit Adobes Encore/FAQ forum for DVD Decrypter settings. This will allow you to extract all your video files (and audio) as MPEG2 video and PCM or AC3 audio (what ever is on the disc)
      3. From your original VIDEO_TS folder, import into Procoder one of the first vts, (VTS01_01). All your menus will be at the beginning of this file. Use Procoder to retrieve them in whatever format you want. If you have the original menu files you won’t need to do this.
      4. Re-author the DVD in Encore using ALL of the same video and audio files but with the new menus.

      The DVD files are compressed so the avi’s will only be as good as that. Then you’ll need to recompress. Quality will be lost. DVD Decrypter will let you extract the raw MPEG2 video and the audio in the format stored on the disc. DVD decrypter was freeware but is no longer available due to copyright laws. There may be other tools that will do the same thing. Try looking at videohelp.com and click on tools.

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      DVD decripter is available here: http://www.mrbass.org/dvdrip/

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