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      Hi There.

      Anyone willing to share some advice on purchasing a DVD duplicator?


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      They’re not the cheapest, but are backed up strongly and very well made from Disc Makers. Also Reliant Digital, now Denver Disc, branded their duplicators Reliant Digital when I purchased mine years ago. The company is a good one and backs its products well. Neither brand of machines or company is the cheapest on the market but both delivery and support quality duplicators.

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      Ipurchased from TigerDirect the case quality and power supply in was very good quality. I buy a 7 disk duplicator + 1 reader with hard drive. Duplicators are oem Plextor the main advantage if you burn a lot of DVD you have to change a disk unit, Plextor is sold by many suppliers. If you buy onesystem stay with something up to maximum 7 burners, 1 reader, 1 hard disk,NO USB card input it give nothing. Buy a complete systemmounted with a good controller.

      When you have the system in operation:

      1) Place on a good table at level (No vibration)

      2) Clean area no dust

      3) Use a good quality of DVD andburn it at slow speed. Activate the verification (auto check up after burning)

      4 Not push too much on production.



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