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      Hi Everyone,

      We are in need of a duplication company – we require duplication on 2 disks, with printed label on disk, jacket, and sleeve – another words the whole complete professional looking DVD to sell.

      Question: What company is the lowest but best quality for all that I noted above?

      Thanks for your help!

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      Not the lowest, but certainly reasonable and professional, and within what I perceive to be a reasonable price range is Disk Makers.

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      I’ve worked with Disc Makers. They are a very good and reputable outfit. Just be advised, 300 discs and DVD casings may not sound like much until you see those huge-ass boxes sitting on your shop floor! If you’re just looking for straight distribution, look into createspace on Amazon’s site. With them no huge-ass boxes sittin’ on your shop floor as they do discs on-demand. The pro’s and con’s from both outfits are; Disc Maker’s is as Earl said pricey but you have full control over your merchandise and pricing. Con’s are having a good setup so you can move your merchandise (literally.) Create Space can get pricey if you don’t have the capability to create your artwork and dvd setup (the more they have to do for you, the more it costs) and they take a cut from each sale. The advantage is not having inventory laying around and having Amazon’s huge distribution network available.

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      I’m very interested in hearing from anyone with a story about createspace on amazon.com. I think it’s a great idea but I’d like to hear how it works for people. Recently I tried buying a DVD offAmazon.com that I’mpretty sure was done through their createspace program(in FebruaryI ordered it) and it was delayed and I kept having to re-affirm that I wanted it–I eventually gave up. Also, I’d like to know if their DVD’s offer copy protection.

      Does DiskMakers offer copy protected DVD’s?

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      Hi Success999

      We are a UK based DVD Manufacturer and would be happy to offer assistance as I believe we meet your criterion and if you are not based in the UK no problem as we are happy to export, which with the pound so low gives great value. We offer short lead times and excellent product quality as we manufacture for Disney and Sony so I trust that reassures you on quality.

      Our company is http://www.DiscusGroup.co.ukwe also offer CD manufacturing and can be contacted on skype at discusgroup

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      Not the cheapest but the most impressive looking I’ve found:


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