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Does anyone have any recommendations for a stand alone DVD duplication system. I have been looking into the Rimage products, but I could use some practical input.

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I have a small one at a time duplicator from Aleratec, it burns fast and solid copies, but is only good for small run jobs. If you are looking for a duplicator for larger outputs you could check into aleratec's larger models www.aleratec.com I have also used a Primera bravo II automated duplicator that uses a robotic arm to move discs, and has two burners. From what I have seen it has a lot of issues and isn't quite there yet as a solid system. And it isn't much faster than a 1:1 duplicator, but it will print labels on discs. It's really up to you and what options you are looking for. I have had success with my aleratec.


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The guy I know that has the bravo two has had to send it back to fix a couple of mechanical issues mainly. He is running a 3000 disc run through it this week, so we'll see how that goes. That should give a good sence of how the bravo performs. I will let you know. I don't want you to discourage you from it, seems like a very good concept, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong in the process. Great for printing on discs however. Let me know if anyone needs any duplication work done. I can do it for a very good price.

We do High Def!

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I use DVD cloner III. It can be found at www.dvd-cloner.com It can burn a back up of your hollywood videos, or your last wedding video I would imagine.

but i do know, if you want to copy hollywood dvd's, you can't beat this product period. One click, 1:1 copy times depending on your CPU. It is around 50 bucks and kicks all butt in the cloning world! Used it for the past 3 years.

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Look into Vinpower Digital. They have a full array of duplicators for small and large.

We use a lot of their stuff and it is pretty solid.

We have a few Bravo Pro machines, but they have been finicky in my experience.

Brian Fisher

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If for just few copies I would simply use my Epson R-280. But for more copies I have been using New Cyberian for our DVD duplication for years. Their prices are decent and the quality is also excellent.

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Visit : http://www.liquidbubbleduplication.com I am sure you get what you are looking for..

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I once had a bad experience with DVD Duplication I lost all my data and It was important to me ........I am sharing this with you ppl so that you can make a better choice.

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I'm not a fan of the all in one CD DVD disc publishers like the Primera Bravo II, Bravo Pro, or any other publisher unit. These units jam too easily and are a real pain in the %@$@. The Microboards units are no better, those units also jam all the time.

If you are doing a decent amount of discs, it's best to purchase an automated printer and a manual tower duplicator. Do a search for "dvd duplicator" on google. You'll find several companies that sell tower duplicators. Don't waste your money on a aleratec duplicator. Basically the same thing except you are paying double the price.


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I Agree with burnsmart, all in one print and duplication systems do not seem to work very well. After 6 years of experience in the disc duplication industry, we have found that a stand alone printer and a stand alone duplicator has been the most trouble free solution. Many of our competitors also employ the same......

I hope this is useful.

Brian Fisher

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Just had a great experience working with these guys on a DVD duplication project. I would recommend Video Copy Services to anyone.


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I make about 20-30 copies within a month or so at one point during the year. The rest of the time is 1-2 here and there. Should I just stick with the Adobe Encore I have been burning with or would a cloning system be better?

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Hi, maybe youcan try this DVD Copy for Mac

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Anonymous (not verified)

With DVD Duplicators it is good to have an idea of how many discs you will have a requirement for per month.

This will influence what number of bays you will require on the duplication tower.

You could also save money by building your own system - you can use regular CD/DVD burners, and you'll have to purchase a seperate 'brain' for the tower.

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Microboard's a good brand

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My point of view base on many years duplication,

1) More than 500 units we go to print and dupilicating shop this cost less than make in house.

2) Less than 500 batch we print and burn in house,

You need a standalone maxiumum 7 units with pionner DVD burner. Not loose your time to build yourself this cost $45 add a good Hard drive in de duplicator and limit the burning speed to produce a good quality.

Have a good houskeeping dust and vibration produce problem, ( Place burner at level on a good table or a shelf hock on the wall.)

Printing a good stand alone printer you can buy cheap or high quality Canon and Epsom is low cost for inkjet other printer using sublimation film cost more but quality is much better.

Personnaly no difference between a product made in house than one made in industry.