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      Hey everyone.

      I’m looking for a printer to make my own dvd’s but I don’t know:

      – good brands
      – price range

      Could you guys post some informations that can help me choosing a dvd disc printer?

      Thanks a lot.

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      Once again, I like the TEAC P-11 Thermal Printer. ($99) It does only one color at a time, but on a shiny or Laquer silver top DVD blank, looks very professional for the price!


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      Another good but inexpensive thermal printer is the Casio CW50 (J&R Music currently has it for $59); like the Teac P-11, it only does 1 color at a time. For full-color photo images go with one of the Epson models listed by Hank.

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      Thought this might make some of you happy:

      TEAC has announced color multipack, see http://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/search.jsp?searchtype=full&option=headlines&criteriadisplay=show&resourceid=3280779

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      I’m using the Epson R220 myself, and I love it. The only problem I’ve ever had with it was that on some discs the ink might scratch, but you’d find this with any printer. Some ink jet discs just aren’t that good. Personally, I shoot a quick layer of (plastic safe automotive grade) clear coat finish on them, for extra smudge protection, but you really don’t need to do this. I’m just OCD. X-D

      Epson still sells the R220 on their site for $100 bucks, but I got mine at Sam’s club for $80. If you’re a Sam’s member, check to see what they’ve got at your local club. Last time I was in my local club, they had pallet loads of ’em.

      I like the thermal printers, but they’re just too slow and limited for my taste. When a thermal printer comes out that can print one full color DVD in under 60 seconds and costs less than $100, I’ll be the first one in line to buy it. But for today, inkjet is good enough.

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      I can advise one to steer clear of that hasn’t been mentioned here…I have a Primera Signature (the only AFFORDABLE thermal available at the time) that I have had lots of problems with. We also purchased a Primera Disc Publisher II at work and have had probs with it as well. I don’t think the quality is there on the Primera brand. Mine at home had either a manufacturing defect or mechanical failure and had to be replaced. I do not print that many disks. I probably didn’t use more than one ribbon before it gave me trouble :'(


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      I also use an Epson R220 and I also got mine at Sams. The ink is cheap there too. I also really like the idea of spraying a clear coat finish on it! I may have to try that!

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