DVD Compatibility and Freezing

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      I have been creative DVDs for over 2 years now. For some reason I am having trouble creating DVDs that will not freeze in my clients players. They also freeze when I play them with Win Media Player.

      I am using (for now) Verbatim -R for media. I am using Premiere elements to edit and create the MPEGs then I import into Encore DVD.

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      Your problem may be that your DVD burner has gone bad. I had a similar problem on my old Lite-On 4x burner awhile back. I replaced it with a 16x NEC burner and haven’t had any problems since.

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      The computer I am using is only 6 months old. I have burned probable 100 DVDs in that time. Do you think it could still be the problem?

      I have order Taiyo Yuden DVD-r’s to see if that helps or I am thinking it is the spindle of DVD I bought. All the discs so far that will not work are from a 50 pack -R from Verbatim.

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      Hi guys.

      I have 5 burners 2x Pioneer single layer, 2 x Asus duel/double layer and a Sony duel/double layer and all of them burn okay.

      I have had experience with Verbatim where they froze. Sometims at the start, sometimes 3/4 of the way – very frustrating – especially when I had a spindle of 50.

      My solution was simple…. I reduced the burn speed. It was a slow process,but I burnt all of them at 1 x anad they were fine. I have used a different spindle since and burnt the lot at max speed.

      I am about to give Ritek – R dvd,s a go myself

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      I seemed to reduced playback jitters by reducing the burn speed to 4X. No real science behing this, but when going through a copy at 16X, I used to get freezes.
      When I run a quality control check of the master, I run through all the chapters, play to the end to make sure it links back to the main menu, and run the entire disc at 16X search speed. If the PC and a stand-alone do these correctly, I’m assured that clients won’t have any problems.
      As a side note… I bought spindles of TDK DVD-R printables from Costco and they were all bad. Both 50 and 100 packs had an area just outside the hub area that looked like a narrow scratch or recorded section.
      TDK’s +Rs were fine.

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