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      I took on a project for a friend to do a little editing on her vacation videos shot with a Canon mini dvd camera model 320. I have imported the video into vegas pro 8 with no problem but I realized that this is already fully compressed.

      What is the best approach for rendering this out after editing to maintain the highest quality?


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      Yes, you are correct. MiniDV is quite compressed, but still very workable.

      I’m not familiar with Vegas, but you should still edit with your project settings set to DV/DVCPro NTSC. Export a master in the same codec.

      For DVD, you’ll want to compress to MPEG2 with AC-3 audio.

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      This is Mini DVD cam. I think it is already compressed to mpeg2 when you import it from the DVD camcorder. I was thinking if i re-render to mpeg2 after editing I will reduce the quality of the video. I just want to end up with the best quality that I can after I have edited.

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      With vegas the only thing I can think of is render mpeg2 because that is what it is and if you use Architect5 do a DVD mgeg 2 template with either a 4:3 or 16:9 NTSC. I guess if you are haveing trouble with quality try using the sharpen FX and see if that helps you any with the quality some.

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      Oh, sorry.

      If you recorded MPEG2, then you’re stuck with that quality. Transcoding to to anything else will not increase the image quality, it will just make the footage more edit-friendly.

      I would capture your footage and transcode it to DV/DVCPro NTSC for editing. If you want to burn it to DVD, you have to export as MPEG2 anyway, but at least the image quality won’t degrade during editng anymore due to the Long GOP of MPEG

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      Thanks. I did find that I can take the files directly into DVD architectand there are some limited editing things I can do there without having to re-render such as deleting the audio and add a music underscore to the clip. I am not sure what all I can do to it in arciitect.

      I did run a test render out of Vegas but was disappointed with the video quality. I was hoping there was some magic step that I was missing.

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      I was typing a response to daryldrj so I had not seen your post yet. I will try the transcode option I normily work with dv tape and have not had to deal with this before.

      Thanks for you help.

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      I will agree with what robgrauert says on this I did not think about some of this I have never myself done a DVD captured vid Mpeg 2 is mpeg 2 you can olny go high def from there

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