DVD Burning Nightmare

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      Hello –

      I have produced, filmed, and authored a home study course comprising of 9 DVDs.

      I am using a PC. The authoring software is DVDit 6, and the editing and burning software I have been using is Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5.

      I have successfully burned masters of 8 of the DVDs… but this last DVD (DVD #2) has caused me so much pain it is unbelievable.

      I have burned about 47 coasters, and no matter what I try I can’t get it to burn without errors.

      Here is what I have done from start to finish:

      1. Imported the 4 MPG files into DVDit.
      2. Imported the menu graphic
      3. Imported the menu music
      4. Typed in 4 menu items and linked to each of the 4 movies (DVDit calls each of the imported .mpg files "movies)

      Then, I choose the menu option "burn volume" – and it basically writes the DVD to the hard drive. In the end there is a VIDEO_TS folder containing all of the files, and then there is also an OpenDVD folder.

      I delete the OpenDVD folder and create an emtpy AUDIO_TS folder.

      Then I use Roxio to "Copy DVD" from the image file to the DVD.

      The DVD plays through perfectly on my stand alone DVD player, but when I send it to the duplication company, they say it has sector errors!

      I have tried to create a brand new hard drive image, reburn with Roxio… same problem!

      I tried using Cheetah DVD burning software, and it burned with no errors, but for some reason my stand alone DVD player won’t recognize the disk (I have NO idea why, it says "disk dirty", and I’ve tried it a few times).

      All in all I have tried dozens of times, all in vain. I am at my wits end…

      Please help. I have done the other 8 DVDs in the exact same way above, but there is something about this DVD #2 that just won’t take.

      I’d appreciate any help, I am desperate at this point…



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      Make sure the MPG files are not corrupt. Even a minor flaw could cause the problem. Delete 1 at a time from the project and make a -RW with the rest of the project until you find if 1 is bad. Or, start a new project and use each file seperately to determine if and single project fails. Be sure to check menu music files as well.

      Have you tried to "Make DVD Disc" from within DVDit (instead of making a folder)? Have you tried to burn the hard drive folder from within DVDit?

      Is the content bigger than the media size? (5 gig of content on a single layer 4.7gig disc)?

      Try burning the disc at the slowest speed the burner will allow. High speed burning often produces errors.

      Its a good idea to use -R instead of +R. +R is not to the DVD standard, -R is.

      Try these sugguestions and see what we get.

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      Thanks so much for your suggestions kkmac!

      Good idea on checking the MPG files… I used Roxio to edit the raw video and then outputted to MPG’s. I’ve created new MPG’s twice, but will check each one.

      The same menu music file is used on all of the other 8 DVDs, and it’s fine so it’s not the problem.

      content is less than 4.7…I have over 200 megs remaining.

      After burning using the Roxio DVD Copy, I have been checking the readability of the files on the DVD using Isobuster. The last file on the DVD is unreadable it says…it goes all the way through the checking, and at 95% slows down (because it has hit the last file on the DVD).

      Funny thing is, if I use Roxio Drag-To-Disc, everything checks out OK, and I make sure it is going to close the disk with UDF 1.02 formatting. All files readable, but most stand alone DVD players don’t recognize the disk!

      Ugh…I’ll try checking the MPG files… and I have been using the slowest burning speed.

      Let me know if you have any other ideas…


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      i burnt a dvd for my mate using nero startsmart i burnt it as a data
      DVD disc it worked on my computer at home perfectly

      [b]when he took it and tried it on his computer it played though there was no images coming up with the sound.[/b]

      He claims he has a good new computer
      im not sure what to do

      i also tried it on my old computer through windows media
      of course and it did the same thing audio was there though no image.

      Any suggestions anyone

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