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      I can burn 1 DVD without any problems. When I set for more than one copy the program cancells after the first copy and the .avi file gets corrupted. I can render a new .avi from Premiere Pro but it takes about 10 hours to render 1 hour of video. Anybody else have this problem?

      Is 10 hours to render 1 hour of video in Primiere normal?

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      Thanks for your reply Hank

      My system has dual 3.2 ghz cpu and 2 gig of ram. I do all work on a nonsystem hard drive. I have Encore 1.5 with 1.5.1 down load from Adobe.
      I can conclude that 10 hrs to render is normal if you take 8hrs. I guess the complexity of the edit has something to do with it also.

      I do not know what S9 vs PP is though. Can you clue me in on that?

      You anticipated my next question. I don’t need copy protection and I was wondering what was a good copy software.

      Again, thanks for your input.

      Bob Boyle

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      I realize you are using the term “render” in its most generic sense. Here is my timing for going from a timeline to a DVD disc.

      I have not been able to find the source of the forum to reference this but, in Premiere Pro when you are just going to produce a DVD it is not necessary to hit the “Enter” key to render the timeline!

      My last DVD was a 45-minute video from miniDV format. The time it took Adobe to use the Adobe Media Encoder to Transcode MPEG2-DVD with the “NTSC DV 4×3 High Quality 7 Mb CBR 1 Pass” setting in default was 1-hour and 42-minutes. The time for Encore 1.5 to write an image file (img) was 21-minutes and 3-seconds. I happen to use DVD Decrypter in my dektop computer to write image files to my Plextor PX716A disc writter and it is my preference for maximum usability in set top players to cut the disc at 1x.

      The Premiere encoding (transcoding) and Encore image file generation are done on my HP zv5000z NOTEBOOK! It is an Athlon 64 3200+ running at the stock 2.0GHz with an external WD2500JB USB 2.0 drive for the project files.

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      Here is a nice tip too:

      Create a disk image. Any files will be rendyou have exported in the correct opefully ered once (hmpeg 2 dvd format anyway and will not need to re encode it). Then, you can burn additional copies from that disk image.

      I use a P4 3.2 GHz ht processor and 2 GB ram, and a typical render time for a basic video timeline (no complex effects or color correction etc.) would be about 2:1.

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