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      I apologize if this question has already been answered elsewhere.

      I am a newbie to dvd authoring/editing and am a little confused about the “2 hour” dvd. I currently am using Verbatim 16X -R DVDs. If I take a 2 hour vhs tape, capture, convert, burn, what RATE should I be at? I can go from 2000 kbits/sec-7500 kbits/sec. (Using Pinnacle Ultimate 11)

      I recently did some work(slideshows, widescreen video, Hi-8 conversions). I first test my finished work on my x-box 360 & widescreen tv, then on my original x-box with a 25″ crt tv. Everything works great on my 360. Some of it either skipped or played in Fast Forward on my old x-box. I called Pinnacle and they had me reduce my rate to 5500 kbits/sec & reburn. Then it worked ok on both dvd players. I sent these to my brother, 2000 miles away,and they don’t play right on his pc.

      So, is there a chart to go by? What is the min rate? What is the standard rate? What is the max rate? I have wasted many dvds because of this problem.

      Also, with my above problems in mind, how is it possible I cancopy a 2 hour widescreen DVD using Xcopy and have it fit & play perfect on a 4.7gb disc? What is the rate used?

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