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      I am looking to purchase an external dvd burner. I do not want to burn out my superdrive internal on my Mac G5. I was looking at the Discmaker Reflex 1 or 2. The cost is $260 for the Reflex 1, and $480 for the Reflex 2. Any reccommendations on these or others. I burn about 50 dvds or cds a week.

      I am also interested in a printer for printing on the dvd discs. I had a large and bad batch of dvds for a client so I stopped using stick on labels.
      I was thinking about either a cheaper thermal printer or one of the ink jet epsons for this purpose.

      Any help would be really helpful, Thanks in advance.

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      I am using external Plextor, works great, coming with USB2 and Firewire connectors and Plextor software if you’d like to tweak your burner’s settings.

      Epson R200 or R300 would do printing if you don’t mind ink.

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      I use sony external dvd burners with my g5 and roxio toast.
      extremely rare to get a "coaster" which is kinda sad really, ’cause I like to stick ’em the microwave for 20-30 seconds and film/photo the ensuing lightshow.

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