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      Hi,I have a G5 stillwith 1.8 GHz Power PC. Do you know wich version of Adobe Suite could it support? Im interested specifically in a software for video compression from Quick Time (finals cut native format) to MPEG-2 for DVD, and im interested too in a DVD authoring software like Encore. All of that without having to buy a new mac now. Thankyou

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      I used to use iDvd with Roxio Toast, also quicktime pro (older version)….

      as for adobe you’re most likely looking at cs2 or earlier…

      there was sorenson squeeze as well….

      gotta be honest here… if you’re looking at buying all that… you’d probably be better off buying a new mac mini and using the new imovie, idvd that comes with it…

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      I love iDVD, but found the templates lacking, wanted to know if there was anythng else out there that is as easy to use as iDVD but a little more robust?


      Any ideas?



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