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      I am looking for a program to help me author attractive DVD menu for me MPEG-2 vidoes.

      I don’t want to use the very limited programs that offer a predefined templates. I would like the program to give me a freedom to create the menus the way I like with nice transitions, motion menus (from MPEG-2 content) etc…

      I tried a program called DVD-Lab Pro 2 ( http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/dvdlabpro.html ) and I was very impressed with the options available and the power of program. However, as a newcomer to dvd authoring (although I have extensive knowledge in programming and video editing) I found it very diffecult to use and I simply don’t have the time to read the whole manual (over 300 pages).

      Is there any program that combines the two approachs and offer powerfull options yet easier to use than DVD-Lab Pro?



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      DVDLab Pro is definitely a capable program. I use Sony Vegas/DVDA to make my DVDs. Well, DVDA and Photoshop. I have yet to see a Hollywood DVD that I couldn’t emulate.

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      Well, I don’t use DVD-Lab Pro 2, but one of my friends used it, it just provide the basic functions and poor quality. make DVD, I using RZ DVD Creator, it can make nice DVD from any videos, such as avi to dvd, wmv to dvd, mkv to dvd, flv to dvd, mpeg to dvd, it can make nice dvd menu from any videos, hope it could help you too.

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      I really like DVDStyler, even though it’s free.

      It’s really flexible, though I doubt it has transitions. DVD Architect Pro works fine as long as you have Vegas, though I doubt there’s a way to get it if you don’t have it.

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      The best and most reliable DVD burning tool that I’ve ever used is a tool called DVD Creator. It’s able to burn all kinds of videos to DVD disc. After that, you can view the DVD on DVD player. It also lets you edit videos and create DVD menus. Easy to use and professional.

      You should really give it a try. You may check out at:

      Best of luck.

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      Have you tried Encore? it has lot of features sub as pop menu, more 20 track subtile track. and very handy to make very nice and interactive DVD menuand money option for out put format.

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