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Does anyone know of a way to embed a pause command for A DVD? I am making a training video and it would be nice to have a pause occur when the trainer wishes

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Why not use a $29 DVD player & remote with a Pause button?

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Question, will the presenter want to pause it in the same time frame? What authoring software are you using?

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@scheramy, You really do not need the video itself to pause. I took many courses via DVD, and old school VHS. The tape/DVD does not stop by itself. The narrator will say something like this.

"You may wish to pause || the video at this time to take a minute for review" While the voice over is happening a screen shot of perhaps a white or black background with || or PAUSE NOW is displayed. Allow that shot for say 2 minutes to allow the student or teacher long enough to hit pause.

Another way if you do not want the voice over, at the beginning place text explaining to the student or teacher what to do when they see the || symbol. Allow the same 2 minute time frame to allow time to hit pause. It is the method that the best schools in the country use.

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You can use chapters markers. The presenter just plays one chapter at a time rather than playing the hole dvd

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Sorry, this site seems to have some glitches.  

You could also create computer-based training. I use Multimedia Fusion2 Developer. You can create frames that contain the video that you want to show. The trainer can then advance when they wish. This also will give you the opportunity to ask review questions and/or administer an end of training examination...