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      I have a really simple problem in DVD-Architect that I hope somebody can help with.

      I have a menu screen, with a flat white background.

      For my button I have 2 graphics, the menu option and the highlighted state.

      These 2 graphics do not have any transparency as they are both over white.

      I would love to just be able to switch between or even just add the 2nd graphic over the top of the first when the button is highlited.

      I don’t want to use transparency masks as all the buttons and the bg are on white and it will save quality if I can avoid it.

      Any ideas?



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      Subpictures (button hilites) are always on top. NO MATTER WHAT! Hilites are also limited to 3 seperate colors. No gradients. Buttons cannot overlap.

      You didn’t mention which author application your using so I don’t know the extent of your capabilities.

      In many instances, a technique called "roll over effects" can accomplish things DVD aren’t supposed to be able to do. This involves using auto activated buttons and alot of menus. When you navigate from button 1 to button 2, button 2 auto activates to a duplicate menu with some changes to it, such as a picture. If you have 6 buttons on your menu you’ll have 6 versions of the menu. I don’t know if this technique will work for you but its worth a shot.

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      I am using Sony’s DVD Architect v3.0

      I will try your idea.



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