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      I want to construct a ‘typical’ DVD menu scheme – insert DVD, the primary production logo appears, then main menu. The main menu link may be a direct video link, or a submenu. But I want each item to have a unique independent 5-10 sec. transition video, then either the video or the submenu. I can get it to work with a vid, but not to link to a submenu (for example, a scene selector or ‘extras’ menu.

      My second problem is adding media. Whenever I link a transition video (the ten-second video visible on the menu) to the main video I wish to play, the main video also appears on the menu. I want any reference to that main file completely invisible. The best I’ve been able to come up with is to make it text-only, and lable it ‘.’, make the font 8 pt and hide it in a corner of the screen. There MUST be a better way…


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      In order to help we need to know what software you are using for DVD authoring. I use Ulead’s DVDWorkshop2, and don’t think that there would be a problem with doing what you are trying to accomplish.

      But since each piece of software is going to handle it a little differently (not to mention that they have different features) it would take someone familiar with your software to provide suggestions.

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      Sierranomad, he says in the title that he is using dvd Architect, so I think that answers that question.

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