DVD Architect and PowerDVD compatibility issues

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      This past week I started using virtual clone drive. It allows the playback of ISOs from the hard drive as if they were an optical disc. My idea was to be able to condense all my weddings onto one hard drive that included the blu-ray disc image to be able to play back and show clients without having to have a bunch of discs on hand. This is also great for my laptop as my laptop does not have a blu-ray player in it but still plays the mounted images just fine.

      Now the issue…

      For the most part most of my early wedding disc images mounted and played perfectly through PowerDVD. However I have started to really get into customizing the menu, where as before I was using basically the pre-set themes. The discs that used the pre-set themes all play perfectly. Most of the newer discs will load to the menu, but the menu is completely unusable. I cannot click any selections with my mouse, nor can I use the little software remote to select anything. I tried hitting enter just in case I could not see the highlight for some reason, but that was also a no go and still stayed on the main menu. I have tried both classic and theater modes with no luck.

      These discs all play perfectly fine on my home Blu-Ray player. Does anyone have an idea what I may have done to the customization that might prevent PowerDVD from working correctly? Most my new customized menu discs I always build from scratch so I am not copying settings or anything.

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    Still looking for help on this.

    I did a little experiment:

    First I took the completely customized menu that had the non-working menu in PowerDVD and I simply applied a built in theme and re-compiled the blu-ray. Everything worked perfect in DVD architect, but the menus are ugly now.

    After that I simply applied a background image and background music to the menu and compiled once again. With those 2 simple changes the menu does not work again in PowerDVD.

    Anyone? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    You may have to “re-set” the “onClick” event for each button after changing it. Not ideal, but this is probably how it works.

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    I never touched the buttons on the test I did (from my 2nd comment) simply changed the menu background and added music. This locked everything up.

    I just did anoher test where I added video as the background and added music and the buttons worked just fine this way… I am still at a loss. I know a way around it I guess, unless it is just a fluke, but I wish I knew exactly what was going on. In the non working versions I checked each setting compared to the themed settings and made sure they all matched.

    I wonder if it might have something to do with having the buttons snapped to the grid… I will run some more tests again using random placement vs grid (all DVDA themes are grid based).

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    This is obviously a problem with DVD Architect.

    You should be able to playback your footage on standard players.

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    It plays in players just find, at least those that I have tried. I think snapping to a grid is helping the PowerDVD, but not certain that is the issue. Still hoping I can ultimately store and play my entire collection from harddrive

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