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      I am trying to create a Blu Ray Disc with a Menu through DVD Architect 5.0. I was wondering if anyone would be able ot help me with a step by step guide to get me from Vegas to a Menu Based Blu Ray disc. I have captured the footage in HDV and have it on the Vegas Timeline…but I am not sure what the best Template/Format is to render the footage or how to get the footage into DVD Architect. Desperate for a step by step guide for this process. PLEASE HELP!

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      When rendering from Vegas, use the template that matches your project properties. Render the video with a file name, then render the audio with the same file name using the ac3 template. as long as both files have the same name, all you need to do is drop the video file into dvda and the audio comes with it. be sure to use a bitrate calculator so that you can use the highest bit rate possible and not exceed the disc limits.

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      This is extremely helpful as I am starting to put the pieces together. So, I render the video and then the audio but only insert the file once into DVD Architect and it will bring in both the video and the audio? Now just a couple additional follow-up questions. First by “use the template that matches your project properties” what exactly do you mean. Like if it is a blu-ray project use the blu-ray template? and also the bitrate calculator is a bit foreign to me. How would I know how to do this? Thanks again so much for your help!!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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