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      Let me introduce myself. Im Chad, im 29, and im a video-holic. My experience dates back to the 1990’s. In High School ( graduated 1997) we had mostly Panasonic equipment AG-1980 svhs decks,AG-456 svhs cameras,Pan. monitors, and last but not least the infamous Amiga Video Toaster. We could put together a sweet news show. On my own I purchasedan AG-456 and a stand alone digital video miker, can’t remember which one. Ialready had my own Amiga2000 for graphics and such and acquired a few other items from eBay. Around 1999 I sold off all my stuff.OccasionallyI would think back to the fun Ihad with the gear, but now having my own family to take care of, and a mortage….. well you know what I mean. Now my interest has taken hold again and Ihave the support of my wife too πŸ™‚ Sorry this is so long-winded.. now on too my point.

      I would like toget into Wedding’s and the such. I realize I got to do freebies etc. But My main question is what to shoot with.I loveDV, plus I already have Sony Vegas. I have played with a Canon dv in the past. I guess I have that mentality of big full size camera, such as the AG-456. I know that svhs can’t compare to DV.It seems thata $200 dv camcouldhave whipped my preciousAG-456.On a side note if you look around on ebay you can acquire one for around $100. No telling how many hours on it though. I think personally a good deal,maybe im biased:)

      Im thinking about buying 2 JVC GR-DA30’s. Yes I know, its a consumer camera but it’s what my budget will allow right now. I do plan to save up for something a little nicer, such asthe AG-DVC20? I already have one wedding lined-up in the next few monthes. Its my brother-in-law, so I felt like the timing is perfect.

      My other thought was to purchased to AG-456’s and something like the Canopus converter, but why bother. I feel like just about any DV cam would be better. So onto my other question. Why do some retailers sale used SVHS for so stinking much? I just don’t get it. Any thoughts. Once again, sorry for the long-windness of this. I appreciate any feedback, and love what I have learned from reading past post.


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      Shoot your Brother-in-law’s wedding and make you a good demo reel from it. Then put up a web site and put the wedding on it. Also offer other services like converting photos to video with music and revamping older VHS weddings with a fresh new look. Start building a graphics library. Digital juice is running special deals now of background discs for $9.95. You may want to pick up a couple for titles and background elements.

      Look into a good inexpensive editor like Adobe Elements or Magix Movie Edit Pro 14, both under $100.00.

      Start editing with home footage and learn, learn, learn. πŸ˜‰


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      Aspyrider: Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I do have an NLE – I use Sony Vegas which I do love. I use version 4.0, kinda old but more then serves the purpose. Recently I did a video for my daughters girl scout troop, it was an easter egg hunt, I had a blast with it, I think that was what got me hooked again. Really, my main question was about formats to shoot in, svhs vs. minidv. Thanks for the reply though.


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      Hello Chad,

      You mentioned S-VHS line-up, and it brought back all those memories. It’s all in the past. You should definitely go digital, and according to your budget, DV would be your choice.

      Good luck with the wedding.

      Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video

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      definitely go dv. you’ll want to upgrade that vegas to version 8 when you get back into it on a ‘paying’ basis as the recent versions offer you more functionality than version 4.


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      All those memories.. ah yes, such as placing a picture on a music stand, cropping it on a monitor, push record… 10 – 15 seconds later press pause, put new picture on stand.. etc. MMHMMM. Yes, sweet memories.

      I do like DV in all senses. Speaking of which I went ahead and ordered a JVC GR-DA30 on Sunday. Should get it here in the next couple of days. As stated, I know its not the most feature laden, but I think it will serve my purposes for now. I plan to order another in May. It feels good to get back in the game.

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