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      I have a Sony PD-150

      Ive use Pana AY-DVM63MQ init since I bout the the Camara over 3 years ago. Pana Has discontined these (They are getting harder to find). Im force to use there DV/HDV version AMQ.

      The new tapes Are dropping frames and soundin every session and the Cam even locks up with them in it.

      I Have some of the old tapes (MQs)that still record well after multi uses for Over 3 years so I know its not my Camara.

      How can this be a upgrade? Acording to Pana. This sucks

      Should I switch to Sonys version or even go down to the PQ orconsimer grade Pana ? I acually get way less drop outs with the consumer grade but the quality is a lilttle off?


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      You could try using Sony tapes since you have a Sony camcorder. I like Panasonic tapes though. I use these:


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