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      Ok, i’ll be brief. Does running DV in sp or lp actually makea difference. I can’t imagine that it would. Nothing but 1’s and 0’s right? And I am talking about video quality not just the obvious. πŸ™‚


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      You know, I have been wondering the same thing as well, for the past couple years but I have never been able to get a straight answer… or any answer for that matter.

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      i usually record lp only if it’s a new tape and i know that an opportunity for atape change is not likely to happen. otherwise i record sp. i haven’t noticed any issues in my tapes that have been recorded in lp.

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      The difference in SP LP in DV is that the bits are placed closer together on the tape. The quality is a constant as the DV standard does not allow for a lowering of bitrate. However due to the fact that the bits are closer together on the track they have a much higher chance of having errors which would cause artifacts and other problems with your video. Only use ifabsolutelynecessary.

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