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      Can anyone help me to understand the basic difference between HD & DV. I use a XL1 to record our services which is very nice DV cam and edit with Vegas. Vegas 6 supports HD, so do we need to go HD?


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      Hi jNice,

      DV and HD are sort of apples and oranges. They’re sort of, but not really, related.

      First, let’s talk about DV. DV is short for "Digital Video". Your XL-1 records onto MiniDV tapes, names such because the tapes used in the cameras are miniature versions of full sized DV tapes used in many TV studios. MiniDV (or any of the other "DV" types) indicates a tape format, such as VHS, Betacam, Hi-8, etc…

      So now that we know that DV is a tape format, let’s look at HD.

      HD is actually a level of video quality. Most camcorders, including the XL-1, record video in a 720X480 format. That is, the image is 740 pixels across and 480 pixels high on your computer monitor. That’s basically the same thing that you see on regular Televisions. This fairly small image looks good on regular TV’s though, because standard TV’s have much "larger pixels" than a computer monitor.

      However, a few years ago, HDTV came out. If you don’t own an HDTV, they’re basically super high resolution television. On HD television signals, you can watch movies with almost as much quality as they would have in the movie theatre.

      Most prosumer cameras, including your XL-1 are called "SD" cameras, or Standard Definition, and only record video in 720 x 480 mode. However, now some newer (and very expensive) cameras now record in "HD", or high definition. These cameras can record on resolutions all the way up to 1080 lines (and more in pro gear), making them much more detailed than regular cameras.

      THAt being said, the technology is still very new, and it might be a bad idea to upgrade to HD, especially if you haven’t mastered the world of Standard videography yet. Vegas 6 works just fine with and MiniDV format camera, so you’ll be fine with your XL-1 for the time being. WHen you learn more about video, you’ll know better what upgrades you’ll want to make to your assembly.

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

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